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This is the icon community of scarbie. Don't be surprised if you see colorbars, friends only banners, and journal headers posted here too!

If you've come here looking for lots of angsty/serious/emo icons you've come to the wrong place! Sorry, partner. If you don't mind being inundated with silliness then you're right where you belong.


1. YOU BETTA CREDIT! *breathes flames* Just kidding but comments and credit are greatly appreciated. That way I'll know which fandoms and styles people like best. Also it makes it easier for people to find icons.

2. Don't steal my icons. Just because I'm lenient with my crediting policy doesn't mean you can go around saying, "Yeah, kid! I made this." I don't think that scenario would happen but I'm just putting it out there.

3. Don't hotlink my icons. Folks don't like seeing red X's instead of icons. Please save icons to your own webspace or nifty places like Photobucket.com.

4. Textless icons are not necessarily bases. I will let you know if they are. If you see a textless icon and you would like text added to it, please comment in the post and I'll probably make it for you or at least give you permission to change it.

5. Occasionally I will make request posts. Only ask me to make icons for you then. Thank you.

6. The most important rule... enjoy the icons!


Here is the link to the resources I use in my graphics. If you see where I have used your brushes, textures, etc. and have not credited you on the resource page please let me know.



Would you like to affiliate? That would be awesome if you do! Just let me know by commenting to any of the posts here.

If you would like to link scarbicons feel free to use one of these buttons. Just remember to upload them to your own webspace.

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